The Best Cloud File Sharing Solution In 2020

Ever since Dropbox’s Founder, Drew Houston got fed up with USBs and started his company in 2007, a lot has taken place in the world of cloud file sharing solutions. There are multiple companies and products competing in a highly saturated marketplace.

The availability of technology has meant that there are a number of great options in the market. These options are loaded in terms of features, security, and come at a price point, which could never have been imagined five years back.

In this article, we look at a new, yet promising contender, which is getting rave reviews from all kinds of businesses alike- FileCloud. We will look very briefly at the product; discuss some of its central features, and look at the pros of using FileCloud for your business.

FileCloud: A Brief Introduction

The brainchild behind FileCloud is the expert and entrepreneurial tech-savvy team at CodeLathe. Having being involved in tech and software from the last decade or so, the company has established a great reputation for itself by offering affordable and feature-rich products.

In addition to FileCloud, CodeLathe has also developed great software like AirSend and Tonido. These three products are aimed to create a perfect ecosystem in any industry. CodeLathe states that FileCloud is one of its major successes, currently being used by more than 3000+ businesses.

FileCloud is a file-sharing software for businesses, which has a few neat tricks built into it to improve efficiency and promote convenience. It can be easily hosted on public servers like AWS as well as can be used as a SaaS offering. This flexibility makes it easy to use, especially for small businesses.

From a user point of view, it ends up creating a holistic ecosystem of managing workflows, integrating different operations, maintaining streamlined communications, and ensuring complete end-to-end security.

5 Top Features of FileCloud which make it a Great Software

  1. File Synchronization and Remote Access-

One of the major advantages of using FileCloud as a cloud file-sharing software is its remote accessibility. You do need a VPN or a secure network to gain access to your data. You can simply synchronize by using the available web access and on your mobile app as well.

  1. Protected File Sharing and Backup-

Every time you share a file with someone outside your organization, you can ensure that it is password protected. This means that they cannot share the same with someone else unless you give the approval of doing the same. This helps in maintaining company confidentiality.

  1. You can Create Any Number of Client Accounts Free-

Unlike some of its major competitors, FileCloud offers users the benefit of creating any number of client accounts they are looking for. This means that you can be in touch with and manage work for many clients with one single user login.

  1. Brand FileCloud according to your Company-

As a cloud file-sharing software, FileCloud allows you unparalleled customization options. From the dashboard to the logo, to even the fonts, you can convert FileCloud into your company’s image and win brownie points with all your clients.

  1. Industry Leading Security Protocols-

There are very few brands and products at this price point, which offer ‘two-factor authentication’. FileCloud is one of them. Many experts and reviewers. The software comes with anti-virus, ransomware security, Recaptcha feature, and many more security functions.



According to leading experts like ‘Cloudwards’, FileCloud is a simple, yet highly functional cloud file sharing solution. It seeks to tick all the right boxes and appeals more to small businesses looking to streamline their operations and promote centralized efficiency.

An area, which some reviewers have pointed out where FileCloud could improve, is its user interface (UI). However, when it comes to UI and UX, most judgments are subjective and depend on person to person.

The incredible list of features at the best price points in the industry have made FileCloud one of the leading EFSS products currently in the market.


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