Viber Opens its Sticker Market to Celebrate Friendship

New Delhi, INDIA – August 2, 2014: Viber, one of the fastest growing instant messaging app in India with more than 20 million users, has made its most popular stickers available for free download for the month of August to let people celebrate friendship this season. Viber Opens its Sticker Market to Celebrate Friendship Stickers are a […]

Search Query Relevance of Category and Daily 1000 Visitors

The first is to determine what the site is about. This is important because otherwise the search engine would display irrelevant sites for queries. For example, if the site is mainly about baboons, but happens to mention the phrase ‘sausages’ once (as in “Bob the baboon just loves sausages”), the site shouldn’t be pulled up […]

10 Evergreen Usable Content Management Systems and Web designing Mantras

There are dozens of great CMSs out there. Regardless of what type of site you’re building, there’s probably one perfectly-suited to it. The problem is that most designers and developers don’t want to spend time learning a bunch of different CMSs. They want to learn one, or maybe two, and use those for all of […]

Entrepreneurial Mind Set of Pro Bloggers -2014

Most small business owners I know are like me. They love what they do. I bet you do too. That’s one of the main reasons many of us chose to go out on our own. We also like the flexibility, the opportunity to be creative, and the possibility of shaping our own future. Entrepreneurial Mind […]

Top 10 Search Engines around the globe for common man

WWW (World Wide Web) era has ginew dimension to common man’s life. Eventially it was a matter of official use but now these days it becomes household name aroud the globe. Searching data is the most used term in web where search engines play the key role. There are thousands of search engines are running […]

Clean India Mission by An Anonymous Group with honest motive: Video

I Can’t Believe What This Anonymous Group Is Doing To People Who Pee In Public..They’re Unbelievable.An Anonymous Group with honest motive to fight against People Who Piss In Public surprised everyone in the town by their way of accomplishing this social activity. They are not sitting on DHARNA to fight against this social issue, but […]

An Entrepreneur Starts from Zero to Become a Hero

Do you still believe in notion that you need huge money to start a new business? You will be surprised to know that there are several businesses that need very little or no money at all and still you can make it a profitable venture if managed properly. Today there are several dynamic individuals who […]