MilesWeb DigitalOcean Cloud Review: A Glance at Their Features, Plans and Customer Reviews

When your client needs the prototype instantly, the best place to provide is cloud. You can get fully configured machine that serves data in minutes.

DigitalOcean is one of the most developer-friendly options. They are a cloud provider that offer high-speed machines at affordable prices and deliver to them in seconds. You won’t find any fancy features that most of the cloud providers don’t offer but you get the raw machines that are easy to deploy. DigitalOcean cloud is surely the best platform of the developers.

Introduction to DigitalOcean

This unique cloud hosting provider offer cloud computing services to businesses for scaling themselves by the deployment of DigitalOcean applications that run simultaneously across multiple cloud servers without affecting their performance.

It was announced as the third largest cloud hosting company in January 2018 in the world in for web-facing computers.

DigitalOceanis a leading cloud service provider located in the United States of America. Their headquarters are based in New York City, and you will find their data centers based in every corner of the world in order to provide seamless cloud services across the globe.

5 Reasons You Would Love DigitalOcean

There are many cloud service providers and so you might be wondering why to select DigitalOcean infrastructure? Why not to consider any other cloud hosting provider? The reasons are listed below:

  • Appealing and Clear User Interface

Things are overcomplicated by most of the popular cloud service providers by offering advanced features that affectthe user interface by cluttering it with additional features.

The user interface is appealing, functional, and without any complicated features for a new user. Users should have an easy access to the number of links, buttons as well as one-click features. But this doesn’t mean that DigitalOceandoesn’t offer such functionality.

In fact, it is a perfect cloud provider for deploying and managing scalable web applications. The one-click apps offered by them are greatly considered among individual software developers and small scale organizations. The reason is that they allow you to enjoy automation and integration with 3rd party tools too.

You also get simple and minimalistic APIs to use as per your convenience. Once an API is generated, developers can use standard HTTP tools along with curl to appeal to the API. Even SDKS are offered for all the tools that the developers might need while programming in PHP or another language they select. Different libraries and plugins are included in these tools.

  • Remarkable Performance

When it comes to web development, all expect high-quality performance from their cloud hosting providers. The reason is to save their time on the task ofserver management, and DigitalOcean is the platform that surely helps you in this.

They are one of the first providers of SSD-based virtual machines, and have utilized IPv6 before other service providers even gave a thought upon it. The droplets offered byDigitalOceanoffer a blazing-fast boot time that schedules in about 55 seconds.

You will find their cloud servers based on powerful Hex core machines with dedicated ECC Ram and RAID SSD storage. Additionally, private networking is provided among the VMs for running database clusters and distributed systems in a few selected regions.

  • Professional Documentation

You can learn about any resource by going through its official documentation. EvenDigitalOcean’s documentation is extensive, solid and very resourceful. You will find everything from installation guides, tutorials, how-to guides, and walkthroughs.

Right from the basic tutorial of setting up a simple LAMP stack to deploying complex Kubernetes cluster, you will find every aspect covered that could affect a software developer that knows the jargons and terminologies used for the cloud platform.

With this distinctive feature you get the useful resources for developers that work on any cloud platform.

  • Affordable Pricing

The main reason that makes it unique from other cloud computing companies that offer similar hosting services is its price. Their basic plan starts at $5 per month and you get to select from the hourly and monthly payment options which make it very affordable for small startups and individual software developers. Though their plans are pocket-friendly for software developers, you get high performance and this is the reason behind their success.

  • Active Digital Community

Their active digital community helps you by answering queries and holding feedback discussions, so that all can benefit from them.

DigitalOcean infrastructure has always offered the new cutting-edge technologies, even if they haven’t matured completely. You also have their community experts to help you with their expertise so that you can enjoy the freedom of mobility with little to no restrictions at all.

There are just a handful of web hosts that offer managed DigitalOcean cloud services. From them, one of the best managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting providers & cheap dedicated server is MilesWeb.

MilesWeb in Brief

Started in 2012, MilesWeb is one of the best web hosts of India that has won various awards for their performance, security, reliability and customer service. They have a web hosting plan for each type of website and so, you won’t be disappointed when you are searching one for your website. They have experts on board to help you in any technical issues via live chat and email for 24/7.

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting Plans

A Glance at the Features

Free Website Migration on their DigitalOcean Cloud: MilesWeb doesn’t restrict you on migrating your website to their server. They allow migrating your website as per your convenience and ensure all your website data is securely migrated to their servers.

Application Installation in 1-Click: You can install as many applications you want to in just one-click. The applications offered by them to install are Docker, Node.js, MySQL, LAMP, LEMP and mongoDB.

Complete Management of DigitalOcean Server: They work proactively on your cloud server management and security. With this,both your time and energy needed to manage the server on your own are saved.

Get Advice from Experts on Plan Selection: Their experts will help you in selecting the best plan for your website. They will understand your website requirements and then assign an appropriate plan to you.

Optimization of Cloud Server: Your cloud server is optimized and improved so that you get the best performance for your website.

Continuous Monitoring of Your System: Your DigitalOcean server resources such as bandwidth and CPU are monitored by them regularly. This ensures that your website doesn’t gets down during the sudden traffic spikes on your site. Therefore, your website traffic is monitored closely.

No Hassle of Server Maintenance: Their team has years of experience in maintenance of servers as well as daily operations. No technical errors would be affecting your website and your server will run smoothly with them.

Security of Website Data: When your files are stored on the server, those are constantly monitored to avoid the exposure to web attackers. Your data backup is taken regularly so that there isn’t any data loss when any accidental errors occur. The data can be restoredrequired.

Updated Software: Your server’s software are regularly installed to keep your server updated. All the updates on the server are downloaded and installed by them and you don’t need to worry about them.

Highly Secure Environment: A constant watch is kept on the server vulnerability so that your website stays away from any malware spyware or unwanted traffic. With this, your website stays away from any viruses.


MilesWeb is one of the proud partners of DigitalOcean. Managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting services offered by them make your web hosting easy by offering you several perks. Once you sign up for MilesWeb’s services, you don’t have to worry about server management as they will take complete care of everything.