2021 Rapid Planning your online business goals with a Super Specialist

Want to be sure your next marketing plan is optimized for the future? Looking for a framework to follow?

Are you launching your product in a new store or opening a new eCommerce shop? Packaging may look different online than offline so plan for this. If your budget doesn’t allow for full-fledged repackaging, work with what you have and perhaps change the lifestyle pictures. Consider using short videos to showcase your brand in the social media space.

How to find your brand message?

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1. What is it about your service or product that makes it unique?

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1. What value do you provide to your customers or clients?

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2. Who is your ideal customer/client?

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Define Your Marketing Goals for the Year
Take a look at your marketing efforts from past years and analyze your performance. You might find that your company has grown or may need a change of direction. Review your products and services to determine any modifications you need to make for effective results.

Put a solid program together with clear goals and objectives. This is important! We all get caught up in what we’re working on and overwhelmed with everyday tasks. It’s imperative to get your ideas on paper in front of you so you can map out a marketing scenario. Take a little time to jot down your priorities.

3. Define Your Goals

What do you want to achieve in 2020? Define your purpose based on the answer to this question. Compare these goals to last year’s and see if anything has changed. It’s a good idea to review these objectives every quarter to see if you need to make any changes to benefit your company.

Once you revisit your business plan, see what necessary adjustments you need to make for a prosperous year. Make sure you have an accountability plan for every initiative so all actions are measurable.

Identify Your Target Audience
The marketplace changes daily. Keep a close focus on your target markets and their behavior patterns. Think about how to interest customers and prospects in your products and services.

Analyze Your Competition
See what your competition is doing so you can hopefully woo some of their customers to your camp. What makes your competitors successful? What strengths help them stand out among the competition?

5. Understand Your Product

You know your product—after all, you created it! But you may have to take this a step further and see how users react to it. Are you getting the desired engagement? Are people buying and recommending it?

This might seem obvious, but getting stuck in the wonderment of your creation can make you lose sight of the consumer’s perspective. Seek out objective opinions from consumers who have used your products—unbiased influencers and shoppers who will give you an honest idea of why they like or don’t like your product. Then you can make the necessary modifications.

Pro Tip: Find out what the sales team needs and provide them with the necessary information and support. It’s imperative to your company’s success to ally with the sales team. Finding out what makes buyers buy and users use is a constant educational process. Everyone wants to make the effort to get repeat customers so working together is essential.

5: Organize and Prioritize Your Marketing Initiatives

Now that you’ve defined your goals, you’re ready for the more creative part of your yearly planning.

Set a date to achieve all of your goals and objectives so you can start your course of action. Break the year into quarters. Don’t let these tasks intimidate you; you’re not wasting your time. On the contrary, if you run a business, you’re forever thinking about it so it’s a matter of going through your due diligence.

Think about how you’re going to execute all of the above. How are you going to put all of your marketing ideas and creative thoughts into one place so you can examine what makes sense? Here are some suggestions.

Create a Vision Board
Design a vision board for all of your quarterly and yearly initiatives. Pin or add images that represent ideas past and present. This will help you get some clarity on what needs to be done to maximize your efforts for the coming year. I personally like doodling on a napkin or writing down ideas in a Moleskine notebook.

Set Priorities

What tasks require your immediate attention? Do you have a product that has potential but isn’t selling? Perhaps part of the budget could be dedicated to reviving this item. What about a product that’s already successful? Maybe you want to spend more time and money on it.