How to Start a Web Hosting Business in India Without Investment-2019

Many people want to start a personal web hosting business sitting in the confinements of their home; while some of them feel that it’s not a very realistic idea, others even manage to generate thousands of dollars merely by reselling the hosting packages of top hosting firms such as HostGator, FatCow, JustHost, and the likes of them. There are two things to focus on; the first one being promoting and marketing your new start-up business and attracting more customers, and the second one be choosing the right kinds of reseller hosting plans that can be easily used by anyone to seamlessly set-up a new hosting business without any technical know-how.

Knowledge of running servers is a vast topic in itself and is not covered here.

If you are able to get several back-to-back clients then running a web hosting business can be quite lucrative. That being said, you would pretty soon realize that the market is extremely competitive and big dogs already have the bigger pies of the market, making it more and more difficult for smaller firms to establish themselves or even survive for too long. Attracting natural traffic from search engines would be another tough nut to crack, as buying visitors through something like Google AdWords may not give you the expected return on the investments that you make.

Sell and Buy Websites at e-Auctions

There is no need to lose hope as still there are enough ways through which, you can get the job done. One of the best ways is to sell and buy websites on different auction websites. Free hosting for one month, 6 months or 1 year can be offered with every single website that you sell online.

This way, your listings will easily stand out, attract higher bids and generate more profits too. These kinds of marketing strategies will also attract the customers who are thinking of renewing their hosting plan after the free hosting period of your package is over.

Leverage the benefits of WordPress

WordPress is a totally free and easy-to-use platform for making simple, free blog hosting websites.

You can add your personal links to these free blogs created by people. This can help you in generating revenue and promoting your service along with selling upgraded packages to customers who have free accounts. You can also try to build and create new relationships with web designers, and different developers who develop small CMS scripts.

Become a Reseller

Even if you do not know anything about hosting, you need not worry, because, with help of reseller hosting programs, you can still start your hosting business. In other words, you can purchase hosting packages at wholesale prices and market them at higher prices, just as in the case of any other business. This way, you can focus on the marketing front, and leave the technical aspects to people who know how to deal with the technicalities.

You Don’t Need to be a Great Designer

Even if you are not good at web design skills for creating your own websites to sell your hosting plans, you can still manage to do so by making use of private label programs as most of them are free to use. They offer you with different templates and a dedicated control panel that can help you in building your website in a matter of just a few minutes.

Keep a Healthy Mix of Services in Your Portfolio

This is where most of the newbies go wrong; reseller hosting doesn’t mean that you should only resell the shared hosting packages.

If you sell just one hosting package, customers will always find something to be fishy, and they’ll realize very soon that you’re merely a reseller! While there’s nothing wrong in that, folks often prefer to buy the hosting packages directly from the main company than through a reseller or affiliate, because they know that you’d be getting a good margin as the middle-man.

On the other hand, if you pay decent attention to branding, and offer a healthy mix of hosting services ranging from budget hosting packages, business hosting packages, multiple-domain hosting down to VPS, then you won’t run into such problems, and most of your customers will never come to know that you’re merely a hosting reseller.

So, go ahead and give it a go; who knows you may be able to actually generate a lot more money than your 9-6 job, working as a hosting reseller! You may also want to read my article that discusses how much money one can make working as a reseller host, and a few handy tips to get started in a jiffy.

Normal procedure Opening and running web hosting business in India

1) you have to decide whether you want to run business as proprietary concern or as partnership firm or ltd company

2) if you are planning to do business as partnership firm get ir registered with Registrar of Firms .

3) if you want to form a company then it has to be registered with registrar of companies .

4) you will have to follow procedure laid down by banks for opening bank account in name of your concern , register under shops and establishment act etc

5)you have to hire server space from USA company for doing web business in India
Though the innovation of control panels, one-click installers, and other modern software packages has made the job easier, managing a hosting business isn’t as easy as it sounds!

  1. Familiarity with Latest Platforms and Software

You need to know what latest software and platforms have been added, how they work and how much they cost.

It’s imperative to be familiar with the software installed on the server.

  1. Leasing/Purchasing Servers: In case of buying own severs, you’ve many options; you can lease your server from esteemed firms, like Gateway or Dell or get a custom-built by makers. On the other hand, you can buy reseller hosting packages from big guns like GoDaddy, HostGator, LunarPages, iPage, JustHost, FatCow or InMotion (that happens to be the latest entrant in the reseller hosting arena, and is currently offering an enticing deal on reseller packages). Choosing reseller hosting provider is one of the most important decisions to be taken before launching your own hosting business, and if you go wrong here, then everything would eventually fall apart!
  2. Customer Support: In order to keep your customers happy, you need to offer them support to handle all their problems in a professional manner, without keeping them waiting for hours together.

Every client expects round-the-clock support and quick response in any line of business, but if you’re thinking of starting a hosting business at home, then it becomes an extremely crucial aspect. You should be able to handle all sales and technical issues on high priority. Only if you’re sure about offering such great level of support, you should actually proceed with this idea.

One-on-one contact and email support should be offered to fix urgent issues instantly, and even when your parent hosting provider isn’t able to help out, you should have a dedicated support guy to handle issues on high priority to keep your customers happy at the end of the day.

  1. Selection of Control Panel: It should have rich and robust features that go with your business requirements. cPanel becomes a necessity when it comes to choosing a user-friendly control panel.
  2. Flexibility: In case you’re starting out as a reseller, your parent firm should offer customizable packages that allow you to create and market unique hosting packages, and scale up at every stage. If your parent hosting provider bills you heavily, and doesn’t offer the needed flexibility, then all your efforts will certainly go in vain.
  3. Reputation of Parent Company: Last, but not the least, look for customer reviews and try to know what other customers have got to tell about the parent hosting company that you’re about to choose. If the firm has been known for unexpected hiccups such as network problems, security issues, and unplanned down-times, then the chances that even your hosting customers would get frustrated with such problems sooner than later.

And, the worst part would be that you won’t be able to cover up, since the customers would hold you responsible for the downtime, and not the parent company!

Apart from all these, here are 6 more tips to remember –

  1. Don’t start out a hosting company by blindly becoming reseller of a hosting provider just because they offer great CPA offers.
  2. Don’t try to white-label and reseller the services of a not-so-popular host, because it’d be as good as starting and promoting a new venture.
  3. Piggy-back on the success of popular hosts in countries where they don’t have strong presence, but at the same time, not too much competition either.
  4. Ensure that your parent hosting company provides great up-time
  5. Beware of payout history of the selected host whom you’re planning to promote as affiliate/reseller.
  6. Don’t invest heavily on promoting a new hosting business, until you see the public response.

Look at the various hosting plans in the market, and compare pricing options to come up with something very enticing. You need to offer a reliable, competent business web hosting package to attract new customers, especially if you’re a new player in the market.

In the end, it’s about the art of marketing, so go ahead and give it your best shot, keeping the aforementioned facts into consideration.

How to Become Free Web Hosting Reseller

Web Hosting is the service that helps you keep your website online and, as such, it makes the hosting business a potential goldmine for everyone. In contrast to web design where you capitalize on your technical skills with the help of expensive software, in the field of web hosting you can start your own business with no technical skills and equipment required. There are loads of companies on the web offering you almost unlimited reseller hosting options. Most of them, however, are based on a pre-paid principle, whereby you buy the hosting resources in advance and then try to sell them to your clients. This means another burden upon your monthly budget.

Free Reseller Hosting with ResellersPanel

Here is an easy way to avoid paying unnecessary charges when running your web hosting reseller business. With the Free Reseller Program by ResellersPanel, you can now start your own hosting company in a few quick and hassle-free steps. It works like opening a new email account with your free email service provider. And, of course, it is free of charge. There are no signup or reseller fees and you don’t need to buy any of the services you sell in advance, like you would with other alternatives on the market. And even more – there are no fees for setting up the hosting packages and the servers and no billing fees for you as a service provider.

Private Label Reseller – Use Your Company/DBA Name

Becoming a free reseller with us does not mean reselling hosting services using some cookie-cutter site. With the fully-automated Reseller Control Panel tool you can configure your own unique web hosting offering (your custom selected packages and pricing) and bring it into the market using our customizable front-store design templates or your custom-made store. All the services will be offered under your own company or DBA name.

None of your customers will ever know that you are a reseller. All billing and service notifications will be issued on behalf of your brand name. Pre-sale and client support services will be provided on your behalf too. All in all, there will be only your brand in the eyes of your potential and existing clients. 100% anonymity guaranteed!

Resell Web Hosting Plans, Domains, VPS & Dedicated Servers

On your custom web hosting reseller store you can offer just about any service that is currently known on the market. You can offer our fully-featured cloud hosting plans or even configure your custom plans according to your target customers specific demands. Moreover, you can expand your target market by adding Virtual Private Servers (VPS), dedicated servers and semi-dedicated servers to your store. You can either offer this full range of hosting services or choose to focus on the packages that your clients want to buy from you.

In all cases you can combine your packages with domain name registration or transfer options. As an ICANN-accredited domain registrar, ResellersPanel lets you offer more than 40 universal domain name extensions (TLDs) as well as SSL certificates to your clients at really attractive prices. Depending on your marketing strategy, you can offer a free domain with every hosting package order. We have also included free bonuses with the cloud hosting plans, among them website building and script installation tools.

Cut-Price Web Hosting Services for Our Resellers

As a trusted partner of our company, you can purchase all the hosting services we are offering at preferential wholesale prices. This means you can get cloud hosting plans, domain names and server packages at prices unseen on the market. You will be able to use these services for your own online projects and save a lot on hosting expenses.

Become a web hosting reseller under the Free Reseller Program now and start your own web hosting company in a matter of minutes. Everything is automated and easy to follow. All you need is an ordinary PC or just your smartphone. Sign up today and make your name on the hosting market without the need to give a single dime for that.