How to Download Twitter Videos To Compare Competitors

Twitter is now one of the tops and popular social media apps around the world to share the latest trending.  Twitter has its unique features to attract the subscribers. The twitter users may cross several million every day. You can share videos, texts, images and other animated contents on twitter. To do so, you must have twitter account on behalf of you. But retrieving contents from twitter is a hard job. Twitter won’t allow you to access the videos, images that much easier. But there are few alternative methods available to download and access the videos and images from the twitter.

How to Download Twitter Videos To Compare Competitors

Twitter videos/ images for PC/ Mac/ Android/ iPhone

Mostly twitter videos are uploaded by users every day. Many videos are streaming on twitter in online with important outlines. You can watch all those videos from own twitter account. So you should have a twitter account to connect with such events. Sometimes you can feel about not able to download the videos from the twitter forum.  Now it’s not the case; you can download and access the videos streaming from the twitter. Also, you may access the twitter videos from any device like PC, iPhone, Mac, Android and much more.

Twitter video downloader app

How to Download Twitter Videos To Compare Competitors

To download the videos, you should have installed the twitter video downloader on your device. In an online site, you can find twitter videos downloader app which is specially developed to access the twitter videos. So download and install the downloader app for your device.

Download twitter videos for Mac and Windows PC

For downloading the twitter videos, you need to select the videos you want to download from the online tweets. Most videos are uploaded along with the tweets. Twitter account is must for accessing the data from the twitter. If you don’t have user accounts on twitter, try to create it as soon as possible to access the videos.

Steps for downloading the videos for Mac and windows PC from twitter

  • First, open the twitter account from the system.
  • Then select the video or picture to download from the twitter.
  • Click the video URL link from the top right corner of the tweet to copy the link.
  • Now paste the copied URL link on the twitter video downloader.
  • Then press the download option available on the downloader app.
  • It will ask for saving as an option from the twitter downloader app from your PC or Mac.
  • Choose the format .mp4 and save it. The video will be available after the downloading process.

How to download twitter videos for iPhone, iPod device

Downloading twitter videos for iPhone/iPod device is entirely different from the other devices. It includes few steps which are not available with other procedures.

Download and install twitter app on your iPhone.

  • Now open the twitter app on your device and select the video to want to download.
  • Click the right corner and select the share tweet option.
  • Now you view few options, from that tap on the copy link to tweet option.
  • Copy the URL link of the video and paste it on your video downloader app.
  • Tap on the download option and add the video to the home screen.
  • Now the video is available with your device for full screen.

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