6 Ways Social Marketing Boosts eCommerce Sales

According to various sources, social engagement can account for a large portion of your eCommerce sales. By interacting with your target audience, you inspire people to consider your business when looking for specific products or services.

6 Ways Social Marketing Boosts eCommerce Sales

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However, a lot of eCommerce site owners don’t put in the amount of effort needed to cultivate these consumers. Instead, they try to rely on the free aspects of social media while trying to create a fan base. While this is possible, it takes a great deal of time and effort. Why is social marketing such an important part of business practices?

Building Trust

People are more likely to purchase goods from a brand they trust. Interacting with potential consumers on social media helps to build that relationship. You want customers to feel comfortable while interacting with your business. It’s part of delivering a superior form of customer service. If someone believes he or she can get a response immediately on social channels, they feel more inclined to buy your goods.

A Vast Market

There are millions upon millions of potential customers who spend time on social media sites who may not realize you have products they’re looking for every day. It’s akin to how window shopping often leads to direct sales. These people may not realize they want to buy your product until you show them the item.

Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Content on social media can be easily shared among friends and family. This allows your customers to advertise your products without spending extra money. Even though you might not make sales from these shared posts, it does contribute to creating awareness of your business. Awareness could lead to future sales from those individuals.

Creating a Loyal Customer Base

Loyalty can help boost future sales. A customer who believes in your business and product will continue to make purchases from the organization for years to come. In a past study, more than half of the people in the United States who follow a brand through social channels are more loyal to those companies.

Developing Authority

The more people who are talking about your brand through social media, the more authority your business develops for specific products. For example, would you buy a lawnmower from Microsoft? Probably not, unless it was a smart-enabled device. That is because Microsoft has developed into a company that has authority in information technology.

Lower Marketing Costs than Traditional Methods

There is less money involved with maintaining a strong social profile than needed for many traditional forms of advertising. For instance, you may spend a great deal less on social ads that are productive than you would for newspaper or radio spots while receiving the same level of attention. However, your geographic location may play a large role in these costs.

In an ideal environment, your eCommerce website builder should have social integration already a part of it’s platform. This makes promoting products much easier and less time consuming. Get involved in how your site performs in social media. It may be one of the most productive and entertaining parts of marketing your business.

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