Gigcrate becomes favorite for small business owners among Fiverr alternatives

Freelance or outsource system has become popular now these days due limitation of time and work force. The work from home culture has become a household name due to World Wide Web. The concept has totally revolutionized the entire job market around the globe. There are thousands of freelancing websites which are providing freelancing jobs as well as works. Directly, we can say that freelancing websites are the play stations for workers and employers.

Gigcrate becomes favorite for small business owners among Fiverr alternatives

Gigcrate becomes favorite for small business owners among Fiverr alternatives
Gigcrate becomes favorite for small business owners among Fiverr alternatives

Considering this concept, has unveiled a wonderful virtual platform to help the job seekers as well as small and medium size employers to complete their job project with reliable and trusted manners. is one of the best web based market place which doesn’t follow Fiverr (pioneer of freelancing job site) concept, which is specifically designed by some of the smartest minds of the job industry. is a home based job market place. Registered members are facilitated in getting home based employments from this site. This program mirrors every other micro job site that I’ve seen so far. They pretty much follow the same standards, which allow you to create your own jobs and earn directly through Paypal. Freelance work can be very profitable if you possess any marketing or design skills!

Work From Home Jobs can include the following:

Creating website designs, Creating banners,Creating slogans ,Assisting others in gaining social media, Assisting others in gaining search engine, Singing a song for you, Promoting info on your Twitter account, Promoting info on your Facebook account, Giving testimonials/reviews on products, Making cartoon drawings, Making PowerPoint presentations, Publishing ebooks, Writing blog posts, Banner Advertising, Making clothing designs, Making jewelry, Making phone cases, Making video for promotion, Search engine optimization, Ranking on Google, Ranking video testimony and whatever other job that’s legal that can be done for very few bucks.

Registered members can be facilitated from this website, be grabbing their favorite advertising jobs, graphics related jobs, content writing work, and technology based work option and a lot more. Moreover, the job seekers can also add the hourly rates of each of their skill sets, to attract the employers. There are different job levels created by the easy home based job marketplace.

The rates of the tasks and works, advertized in the global online job market place, initiates from the rate of as low as, $3 to $600. Freelancers, around the globe, are found to offer different kind of services, on this global home based job platform. Registered freelancers are found to be in love with the options and facilities given by One of the regular users of this site says, “I have tried few more similar market places, but nothing seemed to impress me, till I found the options, given by This website in really amazing, I got to interact with several workers and employers, through questions and answer sessions. I am happy to be fine the exact kind of jobs I was looking for worked. The best part is that, I was able to sell of my services and buy my wants at a better than compared to the same of other sites of the same kind.”

As far as fees charged, Gigcrate taks 20% of what you make. This is the same as Fiverr that takes $1 for every $5 you make. I am pretty sure this is better than ebay with all of their fees! I asked them what the timeline was for getting paid. One of my biggest pet peeves with Fiverr has been the length of time it takes to receive my money. Gigcrate pays within 5 days to your Paypal account. You have waited over 2 weeks to get paid from Fiverr.

Affiliate program:

Gigcrate offers an extraordinary referral program for registered users (members) as it offers instant $2.5 for each valid referral new member. A member can get his/her own referral links on profile button.

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Final words from author: 

Gigcrate is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services are beginning at a cost of $3 up to $600 per job. This site is primarily used by freelancers, which are self-employed people, who use Gigcrate to offer a variety of different services, and by customers to buy those services. No one is perfect in the world as Gigcrate goes with same trend as they have no community forum and instant support team.

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