Journey with the Mission and Vision of Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited

Today’s article may be my personal corporate journey materials but it really can able gives a little more to company owners as well as upcoming entrepreneurs. Just enjoy the article as a pillar of your success.

Journey with the Mission and Vision of Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited

Journey with the Mission and Vision of Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited

The Description of the Company

Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited would be the core software development firm in India as well as international market. As a software development firm Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited would like to be giant in all the development areas for mobile to web to desktop applications. By our dedicated and hard working development team, we would try to achieve our goal in a systematic way. There would be five phases which will make Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited a strong name.

We have a strong group of developers and marketing team. They all are working with good brand names and they are available to work with us. The experience level of the team is within Three to One year.

The Company’s Mission Statement

The mission of Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited is to become the leader in the software development field by providing best solution with quality support. We will initiate from the core as Java and web development and we will move step by step for mobile development to consumer support services. T he company wants to be re cognized as leading software development firm in the Northern India and North-Eastern India. The company’s goal is to grow steadily, becoming profitable by the second year.

Products and Services

We deal with the online promotions and all the online support & IT services. We will provide services as well the outsourced business support too. The concept is in few parts as followes:
• Software development for outsourced projects
• Back-end operations.
• Online promotion of the projects and apps & mobile application development.
• Website development (Both static and Dynamic).

1. Software Development for Outsourced projects

We will provide online support for debugging software projects, Development of the projects, Testing of existing projects or all. Now the question arises that from where we will get the projects and work flow and another question is what will be our work flow strategy for getting business continuously. The answer is there but I will try to elaborate it in few points.
Business Source
The source for the business will be online portal as well as offline marketing.
Online Source
For online business we will have some portal where our company’s account will be active and as soon as we complete our project we will get the reputation as well for the same which will increase our project handling repo. We will provide software development as well as testing, compilation segmentations. As I had already informed above that we will work for the outsourced projects we can have better ways to present our technical skills. We will have the accounts on the, and such websites where we will provide online support for the projects. In the name of Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited we will handle the projects.
Offline Source
We will try to contact the middle men for getting the projects for the same. There are many more consultancies available in Delhi providing such facilities.
At the end, the most important and highly recommended thing is project delivery within time frame. It will show our dedication and concern for the same and it will boost our reputation in the industry.
Marketing and Sales Technique
We believe that by concentrating on one market segment at one point of time, it will be able to deliver a service that is superior to anything currently on the market. Published research shows that Software Industry is a fast growing business sector and that India is favored location in most of the outsourcing industries.

Back-end Operation

We will start a parallel operation which will be known as back-end process. There are a lots of processes available for data entry and back-end calling. We will also start some kind of processes given below:
• Data Entry operations
• Technical support operations
• Voice processing operations.

Back-end operation is the most emerging industry as well as profit gaining industry in Indian economy. Since day 1 a backend department would be there where we will try to map our expenditure in profit. We are in contact with Apna Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Noida, and, There are some other names too for the same to gain business.
This is a snapshot for the same we will have the better future in this BPO area too. Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited has the best experienced team for the same.

Online promotion for the apps & apps development

Online promotions will be provided from Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited for the promotion-seeker. We will provide this facility that we provide the maximum hits and download for the apps and reviews for the same.

There are many clients are available with whom we will contract for the promotion. We will partner in the same that we provide download and hits for his apps and in revenue we will be partner. All promotion would be done from the server side. This section of our company will promote our concern too. It would be beneficial for our company’s online product.

We will have Google account for the same. We will have Google Developer account as well as we will have the Google add account. We will post for Google app store and for the chrome store. The next point will be that we will move to Blackberry and apple store‘s app. We are having most experienced talents working with us for app development.

This section of the company will take approx. 2 month to be established. But now-a-days it is the most beneficial feature of the software industry.
The Android applications are the most favorable features for Smartphone users. Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited will be the leading company of the promotional trending company. We will provide downloading for the new talents in the apps industry.

Website development

This will be another concern department for Focus A-Z Entertainment Private Limited. We will provide website development for the online clients as well as offline customers. The most important thing is marketing for this section of the company. We would need much establishment because our backend process will be directly connected to this business plan. Our business development team would bring website development offer for us by phone, direct marketing by field contact or online sales.

We will provide this facility within very reasonable cost so that we can earn reputation through this concept in the marketing. After some time, we can provide AB testing for our website clients. This will be another stage for our website development plan.