Legit Methods To Get Facebook Ad Coupon Code For FREE

Are you looking for a Facebook ad coupon code or a Facebook voucher? Then you know how hard it is to find these Facebook ad coupon codes. But here, not only I will feed you with the fish, I will show you how to fish and thus feed yourself for a lifetime. Alright, and if you don’t get this phrase, it means I will show you how you can get Facebook ad coupons by your self from now on as it is one of the top searching topic about Facebook.

Legit Methods To Get Facebook Ad Coupon Code For FREE

Legit Methods To Get Facebook Ad Coupon Code For FREE
Legit Methods To Get Facebook Ad Coupon Code For FREE

Legit and Cool steps in which you can get a free advertising Coupon Code

1. The first step in getting Facebook Advertising Coupon worth $50 for free is registering on Facebook or If you are already a registered user lets continue

2. Now its time to create a page you want to advertise. Its also as simple as registering a new Facebook account.

3. Now you must customize your page title, description ,cover page, profile picture So that when users see your advertisement it appeals them and the appeals turn into like or conversion. This is just to ensure that you can get maximum out of your ad

4. We were just following some basics steps in order to get Free Facebook Coupon Code for Ads, now the real magic starts.

In order to get Facebook ad coupon for free, you must create visual appealing ad. You can locate create adoptionin setting box located on top navigation bar. Choose the type of ad you want to create whether post engagement, page like, click to website or any other. I advise you to choose page like option mostly if this is your first time of advertising on Facebook, as it will connect you with audience of your type. Choose a page , and fill all necessary details such as image , CPC ( COST PER CLICK) rate or any other

5. Now when you have created an ad , then click on place order , now you must be wondering why I am telling you to click on place order button without any code lol.

Follow this step; Don’t enter the correct digit of your credit card number

6. After making wrong attempts , wait for 1-2 days and remember to check your email regularly. After 1-2 days you will resieve an email from Facebook ad team stating the below

Main Uddin, Get $50 Facebook ad coupon for free

It seems like you tried to create an ad but didn’t finish setting it up. To get you started with your first ad, we’re offering you a free 25 or 50 $ advertising coupon.

Create an Ad and the coupon code:5XX2-F4J6-FHK3-7P1Y will be applied to your ads account. The expiration date of this coupon is bla bla bla.

7. Now apply the code in Facebook ad manager if you don’t know to, read How To Redeem A Facebook Ad Coupon, they will ask you to verify your payment, now this time you can proceed without any hesitation. And they will not charge you anything depending on your country in some countries like India you will have to pay 10-15 Rs in order to verify your payment. But its still a win win deal because you are getting Facebook ad coupon code worth $50 for just RS 10.

Note: In order for these Facebook ad coupons to work you must have these

*. A new Facebook ads account. Meaning you created your FB advertiser account within the last 15 days, otherwise you cannot redeem the coupon. If you can’t wait Find a friend or a relative who does and wouldn’t mind letting you use his FB account in order to both get the coupon and use it on his account.

*.You can use only 1 Facebook ad coupon per 1 account.

*.The coupon code must be activated within 30 days and the credit expires within 90 days of activation.

*.You do need to enter your PayPal or CC to Facebook in order to activate the coupon.

*.You can not use the same PP or CC to activate coupons on multiple accounts.

*.The coupons should work worldwide, however some countries might have a problem sometimes with these, probably due to high fraud occurrences.

Editor’s Note: 
Now ball to your court, How do you get your own coupon code from Facebook?  Don’t forget to share this post with us and our readers.