Top 10 Search Engines around the globe for common man

WWW (World Wide Web) era has ginew dimension to common man’s life. Eventially it was a matter of official use but now these days it becomes household name aroud the globe. Searching data is the most used term in web where search engines play the key role. There are thousands of search engines are running online but I have short listed Top 10 Search Engines and their using numbers.

Top 10 Search Engines around the globe for common man

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On this page we’ve listed the top 10 general-purpose search engines used by people all over the world, to search the Internet. If you’re looking for a specific type of search engine, such as a meta or blog search engine; or one specializing in a particular industry – like a job search engine; you can browse the other types of popular search engines using the right sidebar navigation.

We’ve included estimated traffic statistics, ownership information, commonly requested submission URLs, and tips to help searchers and webmasters alike. Our goal is to maintain most up-to-date and useful list of search engines online.

We have tried to compare top 10 search engines around the globe for common users and their questions/searches.

SEARCH ENGINE ALEXA RANK* UNIQUE VISITORS** 1 182 M 4 173 M 22 162 M 30 69 M 662 1 M 1583 77 K 3750 NA 3861 NA 4501 3 M 11827 24 K

*Alexa Traffic Rank (global). **Monthly Unique Visitor estimates from (U.S. only). Updated for 2014.

Summaries of Top 10 Search Engines: 

1. – Launched in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google is by far the most popular search engine globally. Originally named BackRub, Google’s network of sites roughly get 65% of all the United States queries and is considered by most people to be the world’s best. As of Oct. 3 2010, Alexa reports as the most visited website worldwide. Submit your website to Google.

Google powers: AOL (including CompuServe & Netscape), MySpace, Comcast Search and many other websites.

2. – Started in 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang, Yahoo! was originally a directory of websites that later became its own crawler-based engine in 2002. As of late 2009, Yahoo! was the second biggest search engine on the web. However, in late August of 2010, Yahoo!’s results started using Bing’s index. As of Feb. 1 2012, Alexa reports as the 4th most visited website globally. Submit your website to Yahoo!.

3. – Launched in 2009 by Microsoft, Bing is their latest web-based search service. In late August, Bing officially started delivering Yahoo!’s results. Former Microsoft search engines include Microsoft Live and MSN. As of February 1 2012, Alexa reports as the 26th most visited website worldwide. Submit your website to Bing.

Bing powers: Yahoo!, AltaVista, AlltheWeb, GoodSearch, Lycos, and many other websites delivering results to their users.

4. – Formally known as Ask Jeeves, Ask was founded in 1996 with the idea of allowing users to get answers to questions posed in everyday, natural language, as well as traditional keyword searching. Today includes support for math, dictionary, and conversion questions. In November of 2010 announced it would no longer be crawling, indexing and ranking its own pages, and will instead be outsourcing that to Google or Bing. Ask will continue to focus heavily on Q&A. There is no need to submit your site to Ask.

5. – Founded in September of 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo (DDG) prides itself on respecting user privacy. Duck Duck Go compiles its result by crawling many sources, including DuckDuckBot (their web crawler), crowd-sourced sites, Yahoo! “BOSS”,, WolframAlpha, EntireWeb, Blekko and Bing. There is no need to submit your website to Duck Duck Go.

6. – Beta-Launched in 2010, this search engine offers people around the globe to the opportunity to search pages in English, French, German and other European languages. It’s a spin-off of Russia’s predominant search engine,, which has been around since 1997. Features include free email, an API and search suggestions. Click here to add your site to Yandex.

7. – Since 1996, Scrub The Web claims to rank all indexed pages individually, with all pages getting an equal chance of ranking high in their search results. Submit your website to Scrub The Web.

8. – Originally launched in 2000, Entireweb launched their International search engine Entireweb 3.0 on April 7th, 2010 to compete with the current market leaders. It provides a number of advertising programs to help you get exposure, but you can also certainly Submit your website to Entireweb for free.

9. – Launched on November 1, 2010, blekko is quickly becoming known as the “slashtag” engine. blekko’s slashtags allow you to quickly and easily create custom searches. blekko also offers some of the best free optimzation and anlysis tools for webmasters. There is currently no website submit form for blekko. Blekko will crawl and index your website after finding it through sites that are linked to your. There is no need to submit your site to blekko.

Entireweb powers: Exactseek, Slider and a the results for a few other web sites.

10. – Launched in 2000, Gigablast aims to index up to 200 billion pages with the least amount of hardware possible. It’s one of the leading clean-energy websites online with a whopping 90% of its equipment receiving power from wind energy. Submit your website to Gigiablast.

Popular International Search Engines:
– Baidu (Chinese, Japanese) –
– Sogou (Chinese) –
– Yadao (Chinese) –
– Yandex (Russian) –

Keep in mind this top ten list of general search engines is based on Alexa Traffic Rank only; not necessarily which ones are best from a user’s perspective. If you’d like us to review another search engine missing from our one of lists don’t hesitate to send us the web site information via our contact form.


  1. Which are the 10 best and most popular search engines in the World? Besides Google and Bing there are other search engines that many not be so well known but still serve millions of search queries per day.

    It may be a shocking surprise for many people but Google is not the only search engine available today on the Internet! In fact there are a number of search engines that try to remove Google from its throne but none of them is ready (yet) to even pose a threat. Nevertheless, there are search engines that are worth considering and the top 10 are presented below.

    Google – No need for further introductions. The search engine giant holds the first place in search with a stunning difference of 45% from second in place Bing. According to the latest comscore report (October 2012) 69.5% of searches were powered by Google and 25% by Bing. Google is also dominating the mobile/tablet search engine market share with 89%!
    Bing – Bing is Microsoft’s attempt to challenge Google in the area of search but despite their efforts they still did not manage to convince users that their search engine can produce better results than Google.
    Yahoo – Since October 2011 Yahoo search is powered by Bing. Yahoo is still the most popular email provider and according to reports holds the third place in search. – Formerly known as Ask Jeeves, receives approximately 3% of the search share. ASK is based on a question/answer format where most questions are answered by other users or are in the form of polls. It also has the general search functionality but the results returned lack quality compared to Google or even Bing and Yahoo. – According to netmarketshare the old time famous AOL is still in the top 10 search engines with a market share that is close to 0.6%. The AOL network includes many popular web sites like, and the – was developed by ex-Googlers and they present themselves as the “spam free search engine”. It is better suited for webmasters and SEO’s who need more data for SEO purposes rather than normal users.
    Wolframalpha – wolframalpha is different that all the other search engines. They market it as a Computational Knowledge Engine which can give you facts and data for a number of topics. It can do all sorts of calculations, for example if you enter “mortgage 2000” as input it will calculate your loan amount, interest paid etc. based on a number of assumptions.
    DuckDuckGo – Has a number of advantages over the other search engines. It has a clean interface, it does not track users, it is not fully loaded with ads and has a number of very nice features (only one page of results, you can search directly other web sites etc). I am sure that some of the features of duckduckgo will be used by other search engines and with some proper funding duckduckgo can get a decent search engine market share.
    WayBackMachine – is the internet archive search engine. You can use it to find out how a web site looked since 1996. It is very useful tool if you want to trace the history of a domain and examine how it has changed over the years. – According to alexa is the 8th most popular search engine with a ranking position of 297 in the US. It is similar to where users can ask or answer a particular question. They also have a number of quizzes that can help you decide on a number of topics. It’s not bad at all and the answers are precise and to the point. For example if you search “What is the best search engine?” you will get an answer that Google is the best and most popular search engine and Yahoo is on the second place.
    These are the 10 best and most popular search engines on the Internet today. The list is by no means complete and for sure many more will be created in the future but as far as the first places are concerned, Google and Bing will hold the lead positions for years to come.

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