6 Ways Social Marketing Boosts eCommerce Sales

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According to various sources, social engagement can account for a large portion of your eCommerce sales. By interacting with your target audience, you inspire people to consider your business when looking for specific products or services. 6 Ways Social Marketing Boosts eCommerce Sales However, a lot of eCommerce site owners don’t put in the amount […]

Business Management Dashboards And Business Analytics Wrong Notions


A picture can paint a thousand words, the saying goes. But unless we know how to decode its message, a picture can also be difficult to read. Words, on the other hand, usually have a very direct meaning and are simple to understand. But critical messages can be lost if they are not used in an […]

Top 5 Project Management Myths BUSTED


Unfortunately, many organizations don’t pause to examine these commonly held beliefs, and the result is that they undermine the organization’s capability to carry out projects successfully. Infographic brought to you by Wrike Project Management Software Let’s debunk 5 common myths: Planning is an unproductive, bureaucratic waste of time It’s more efficient to just get on […]

Customer insight data research facts for better successful marketing


Gain and Retain More Customers by Making Better Use of Your Data. Being customer focused is no longer a bonus, it’s a basic requirement for any organization that wants to survive long term. Leading organizations are creating more personalized, effective customer experiences and communications in order to keep customers consistently engaged with their brands. You […]

Video email signature and Bulk Uploading in marketing stretegy

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Now in the new Gmail, Every YouTube video link placed inside the body content of the mail or else in the signature is getting a special attention of the reader as those video links are being represented as an attachment in mail so the person who reads the mail can click it and watch it. […]

Infographic Says About a Gantt Chart for Project Management Instantly

What is a Gantt Chart for Project Management?

Gantt charts are helpful for planning and guiding projects. They are most appropriate for small- to medium-sized projects, but can be used for larger projects, such as capital projects on occasion. They are ideal for most planning projects that a department or college would be involved in. Gantt charts are particularly helpful ways of dealing […]

Digital marketing manager’s secret guide to SEO industry

A content manager’s practical guide to doing just enough SEO

My 10+ years of marketing manager, I have seen lots of up-down in digital marketing as well as real world marketing but As a e-commerce post graduate, I have often been daunted by SEO but known that doing it is important to my survival. The theory of SEO and learning about its latest developments seem easy enough […]

How Does KAMISHI Brand Play with Power Banks Technology In Market?


Gone are the days when world class mobile devices needed not much amount of charging. We used to plug it in to charge once in a week, and it would give long battery life. Now, everything going portable – what with laptops, mobiles, tablets and many more – even our chargers have gone portable. The […]

Affirmations to question confirmation for struggling Entrepreneurs

Affirmations to question confirmation for struggling Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are an optimistic lot. Naysayers might say “naïve.” But they have to be. Odds are against their success, but those who do succeed will provide for their families, solve customers’ problems, and possibly change the world in a big way.The best entrepreneur, therefore, has a healthy confidence that “I’ll be the one person in […]

Infographic 50 Productivity Tips to Boost Your Brainpower to get succeed

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Have you experienced too many days of mind-numbing work, only to be faced with the realization that you haven’t accomplished a fraction of what you’d intended? 50 Productivity Tips to Boost Your Brainpower Of course, this happens to everyone occasionally, but if it is becoming a routine occurrence in your life, it’s time to do […]